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Quarterly News - Q2 2014

Industry Events

4th Bhutan International Education Fair

7-9 March, Thimphu. Since 2011, Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) has hosted an annual international education fair to provide timely and valuable information on a diverse range of educational programs offered around the world, uniting hundreds of prospective students, clients, education providers and other stakeholders of the global education community. ITDI is pleased to have been among them this year.

Gurjit Gill, IATA Regional Training Business Development Manager (also Manager of the IATA Training Center, Delhi) together with his team, advised participants on a selection of courses that lead to careers in the aviation industry. There was great interest among those consulted in IATA’s Aviation Cabin Crew Training, Airline Customer Service and Airport Customer Service courses.

Additionally, meetings were held with Bhutan’s national carrier Druk Air, private carrier Tashi Air, and the Tourism Council of Bhutan, among others.

Event photos

Arrival in Thimphu, Bhutan

IATA Booth

Ms. Visey Jamyang and Mr. Choki Gyltsheen of Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry together with Mr. Gurjit Gill, IATA Regional Training Business Development

  IATA Booth

Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry employee helps participants select IATA courses

8th World Cargo Symposium (WCS)

11-13 March, Los Angeles. WCS 2014 was a smashing success. A great deal was accomplished and delegates received nothing short of A-list treatment under this year’s Hollywood theme. As usual, the event attracted a broad audience of senior air cargo professionals, including: shippers, forwarders, airlines and airport authorities and service providers.

Some key take aways include: IATA Chief Economist, Brian Pearce’s prediction of a durable cyclical upturn due to increased business confidence in the sector; and perhaps even more important in the long-run, the invention of future technology, including enhancing environmental sustainability and shipping via drones. To highlight this new technology, an airship (drone) that can pick up a 250 ton payload of shipping containers was on display in the conference hall. Des Vertannes, IATA Global Head of Cargo, emphasized that it is only through innovation and transformation that the industry will manage to be successful.

For more information, view the event program.

Event photos

Industry News

Ethiopian Airlines Hijacking at Geneva Airport

8 March, Geneva. An unusual incident took place in Geneva recently in full view of our offices. A hijacked Ethiopian Airlines aircraft landed at Geneva airport. The airport was closed for a couple of hours until the incident was clarified. It was discovered that the co-pilot ‘hijacked’ the aircraft to request asylum from the Swiss authorities. While it is impossible to predict these events with 100% certitude, IATA’s In-Flight Security course helps prepare crews for such incidents.

Read more about the incident.

New Regulations

European Commission Enters Phase 1 to Remove LAG ban

A new security regulation concerning the carrying of liquids in hand luggage went into effect this February 2014. Through the use of new equipment, airports are able to screen and clear liquids, enabling passengers to carry them in their hand luggage. The new legislation is being phased in in stages, with the ban expected to be lifted by 2016.

Ensure your employees are prepared for this new change with IATA’s Airport Security Operations Optimization course.

See the official details

New Manuals

IATA Security Manual

The latest edition of the IATA Security Manual was released in October 2013, including a new Cyber Security Chapter.

Those who register for the following classroom courses will receive the IATA security manual free of charge - a value of US $599.* Don’t miss out on this deal!

*not applicable to in-company courses


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