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Onward and Upward - Q1 2013

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Every year, IATA establishes partnerships with some of the most influential and recognized names in the aviation sector to deliver enhanced programs and bring IATA training closer to home.

Today, we are pleased to present a feature article on how partnerships enhance the learning experience, submitted by our valued partner, Turkish Aviation Academy, who joined the ranks as an IATA Regional Training Partner and Accredited Training Center (ATC) in 2011.

Turkish Aviation Academy: Upward Brand

Turkish Aviation Academy (The Academy) aims to satisfy the needs of its customers in the global aviation market in the best possible way from the first day it started its activities, and remains one of the leading pioneers in the national and international aviation sectors for the past 30 years. The Academy provides almost every kind of aviation training and consultancy service to the sector via its high quality training capability and experienced instructors - all experts in their various fields of aviation.

The Academy has made huge progress, especially in the last two years, by building important partnerships to bring its valuable customers and colleagues the widest range of aviation training possible - from Commercial and Ground Handling Services training to EASA 147 Approved Aircraft Maintenance Technical training and many others, like Heliport, Aviation English, Flight Phobia Rehabilitation Program, Human Factors, Engine Run-Up, Borescope, Engine Run-Up, NDT Training and more.

One of the most valuable and important partnerships lately for The Academy, which carries out its operations in accordance with the rules and regulations set out by national and international aviation authorities, is with IATA as a Regional Training Partner (RTP) and Accredited Training Center (ATC).

After our partnership with IATA, another valuable partnership was made with DynEd to meet our customers’ need for English training. Thus, The Academy added two computer based English programs into its catalogue; “Aviation English” enables pilots and air traffic controllers to get their English level over ICAO 4; and “General English” is for anyone who needs to reach expert level English.

Additionally, The Academy became a member of ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS in September 2012, thereby taking another step toward making its training services more qualified and effective by enabling its instructors to increase their competency. Furthermore, another accreditation that The Academy added is Edexcel.

The story of the successful partnership between Turkish Aviation Academy and IATA began early last year and has been a significant supporting factor in the increase in the recognition of Turkish Aviation Academy on a global scale. While the Academy is well known for its EASA Approved Aircraft Maintenance Technical training, Commercial and Ground Handling training, Management and Personal Development training, Computer Based training and many other specialized training programs, with the aid of regional partnerships, The Academy had the opportunity to extend its capabilities via many new, valuable training programs provided through IATA Certificates. In this manner, the partnership provides not only a wider range of training programs, but supports The Academy in reaching a wider range of customers all over world. Being the Best Partner of 2012 has been another factor that increased the brand value and recognition of Turkish Aviation Academy.

The Academy gladly offers IATA training, as IATA and its instructors help existing and potential customers meet their needs in an effective manner and open the door to great opportunities. This contributes to the Academy’s brand awareness and equity in a very positive way. Professionals all over the world expand their knowledge every day, and while participating in courses, have a chance to see one of the most charming cities of the world; İstanbul.

One of the most important things that has to be mentioned is that The Academy has provided many commercial and management training programs to the sector and is now able to satisfy the needs of its customers with the same training programs – but with IATA certificates. Until 2013, The Academy delivered all IATA training within the RTP model, but now gladly announces that it has begun to provide many of its courses, especially DGR training, with its expert instructors in the scope of ATC.


“The high quality standards of IATA courses are helping the aviation cargo sector to grow and improve. IATA’s interactive and quality-oriented trainings will definitely help make a versatile and professional work force readily-available to the fast-growing cargo industry. The instructors’ aviation industry experience is especially valuable. The technical sophistication of the courses and the interactive, hands-on learning will result in rapid gains. We would like to congratulate our academy for their invaluable work.”
Ali TÜRK, Turkish Airlines, Senior Vice President, Cargo

“Turkish Airlines once again proves that it is a global airline by hosting IATA trainings in Turkey. Hosting IATA training programs in Istanbul is highly convenient for our employees and managers alike. The personnel enjoy the convenience of attending local training sessions while managers are able to easily contact their employees in an emergency. The material benefits cannot be ignored, either. More employees will be able to gain IATA certification because these courses are being held in Turkey. In my opinion, this also represents how highly Turkish Airlines regards its employees. I would like to congratulate everyone who worked to make IATA training programs available in Turkey.”
Serhat SOYDAN, Turkish Airlines, Senior Vice President, Security

“I would like to emphasize the importance of the IATA training programs that are provided to us through our company. I believe that these courses not only benefit our company as a whole but also provide a substantial career boost to individual employees. I would also like to point out how well Turkish Aviation Academy and its staff organized the courses and welcomed us, thus playing a significant role in the positive outcome of the courses. I can attest to the lasting contributions these courses make through the use of effective teaching methods by instructors who are aviation industry experts.”
Gürbüz Akhan BOLAT, Turkish Airlines, Manager, Aviation Security

“I found the “Advanced Train the Trainer” course very useful. We saw how a hands-on oriented training approach with minimum theoretical content that centers on a proactive, interactive, and experience-based teaching method could be used to gain knowledge that will help us with our work. It was very different from previous trainings that I had attended. The activities and games used in the training really underlined the notion of ‘learning through fun.”
Fatma Akkuş KILINÇER, Turkish Airlines, Supervisor, Training Research and Development

“The training was fun, fluent, entertaining, enlightening, and had lots of hands-on activities. Looking back, all the things we learned are directly related to our field. I consider myself very lucky to have attended this training.”
Erdem KOÇ, Turkish Airlines, Supervisor, Safety Tracking

“The IATA trainings given at Turkish Academy have been so beneficial to both participants and the whole organisation. For example, one of the trainings that I attended was so proactive, interactive and experience based training. Throughout the whole week all trainees enjoyed the training and had fun. I am sure all participants, including myself, have changed the way they are teaching a classroom or administering a project by using the methods and tips that they learnt during the training.”
Dr. Ahmet YILDIRIM, Turkish Airlines, Project Administrator

“The training opportunities our industry-leading company provides to its employees are special and unique. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the management approach that has helped our company achieve its current status is based on a trained and educated, and therefore capable, workforce. This approach will be the cornerstone of our future success. No doubt, our Academy plays an important role in this strategy. Our Academy’s sound progress based on international partnerships (especially with IATA) will, alongside other efforts that address current requirements, help us reach our goals.”
Ömer Faruk AKYÜZ, Turkish Airlines, Manager, Quality Assurance

“I believe that the year 2011 marks a new and important era for our Academy. Turkish Airlines employees and course attendees from around the world are being trained by the capable instructors of IATA. The “Advanced Train the Trainer” training, which I had the chance to attend, was an example of the quality courses that we want to see taught more often at Turkish Aviation Academy. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to making these training programs available to Turkish Airlines employees.”
M. Hasan UNCULAR, Turkish Airlines, Manager

“IATA’s ‘Airport Slots and Scheduling’ course is the only official course in the world specifically tailored to slot scheduling and procurement, our department’s main area of activity. In the past we could only send a limited number of our staff to training because of the high cost and the necessity of having to attend the courses abroad. Our Academy’s achievement of becoming an IATA-Authorized Training Center has immensely helped our employees. All of our staff responsible for slot scheduling and procurement could attend this course at no additional cost and without taking too much time away from their work. Turkish Airlines’ increasing focus on human resources and the Academy’s ever-growing training opportunities are our biggest contributors. Please accept my sincerest thanks.”
Zekiye Billur Gökhan, Turkish Airlines, Manager, Slot Coordination

“It was an extraordinary turn of events that the IATA training programs became available in Istanbul just as I was researching which one I should attend in my capacity as a security instructor. I believe that the competency of the instructors was more than enough to address my educational needs.”
Berrak Damla YILDIRIM, Turkish Airlines, Aviation Security Instructor

“These training programs greatly contribute to the personal development of employees. It is a great bonus to us that such meticulously planned courses, addressing the needs of the attendees and providing them with professional skills, are now available at Turkish Aviation Academy. I would like to thank everyone for giving us such an opportunity.”
Yonca TAHTALIOĞLU, Turkish Airlines, Personal Development Instructor

“…instructors of the two IATA courses that I attended not only taught me new things but also showed me how to become a better instructor by using my newly-acquired knowledge. The course entitled “Advanced Train the Trainer” was, in particular, one of the most enjoyable training events I have ever attended. I would like to thank both Turkish Aviation Academy as well as my department executives for bringing this training opportunity right our home.”
Yeşim Aydemir MURSAL, Turkish Airlines, Aviation Security Instructor

“Being able to hold IATA training programs in Turkey benefits the company and, even more, the attendees. Compared to limited number of employees who can be sent to IATA trainings abroad, a full class of employees can attend the courses held in Turkey. Our IATA instructor’s (…) easy-to-understand English as well as his warm and sincere approach made the course a breeze. We would sincerely like to thank him.”
Figen DABAZOĞLU, Turkish Airlines, Aviation Security Instructor

Turkish Aviation Academy: A Brief History

Turkish Airlines has always placed great value on training throughout its 79 years in business. Ever since its first years, it has supported its personnel by providing them training at home and abroad. Training in the early years targeted pilots and mechanics and later expanded to cover a vast array of aviation topics, making it necessary to establish a training department in 1966 under the direct supervision of the Assistant General Manager. 1982 marked the establishment of the Turkish Aviation Academy which offers training and consulting services to domestic and foreign aviation companies, first and foremost to Turkish Airlines, and to maintenance centers, cargo companies, travel agencies, universities, employees of other airlines, airport establishments, civil aviation companies as well as to other individuals, businesses and institutions.

There are currently six departments that operate under the Academy:

  • Technical Training Management
  • Commercial and Ground Services Trainings Management
  • Management and Personal Development Trainings Management
  • E-Learning and Information Systems Management
  • Training Services Marketing and Sales Management
  • Financial and Administrative Affairs Management

In 2011, our Academy took an important step to become an IATA Regional Training Partner (RTP) and IATA Authorized Training Center (ATC). Consequently, the Academy became the first and only strategic partner of IATA in Turkey and began to offer training opportunities in Istanbul to the region’s current and future civil aviation employees. IATA training is in high demand among domestic and regional trainees at our Academy. Following is a list of IATA courses that we are offering in 2013:

  • Cargo Quality Management
  • Dangerous Goods Awareness-Flight Crew And Load Planners (CAT. 10)
  • Dangerous Goods Regulations - Initial
  • Human Factors in Aviation
  • Basic Passenger Fares & Ticketing​
  • Cargo Skills and Procedures
  • ISAGO for Ground Service Providers​
  • Passenger Fares & Ticketing Alterations
  • Advanced Train the Trainer​
  • Dangerous Goods Awareness-Cabin Crew Passenger Handling and Security Screening Personnel (CAT. 9,11,12)
  • Passenger Proration
  • Flight Operations Management ​
  • E-freight Implementation - Introduction
  • Dangerous Goods Awareness- Ramp and Warehouse Personnel (CAT. 5,8)

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