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Feature Story - Q2 2013

A look into the future of aviation and academia

Over the course of the past few years, ITDI has partnered with leading universities to develop specialized aviation programs. One such program is the Advanced Studies in Aviation Management program, held in partnership with the University of Geneva. Currently in its fourth year, the program offers aviation professionals the opportunity to gain specialized management training and earn academic credit.

To share what it’s like to participate in the program we asked Michaela Emch, an alumna and Founder of Eclosions, to describe her experience:

Michaela Emch, alumni</

“A little more than a year ago we embarked on a new journey, Destination our Diploma, duration of the flight 12 legs. Most of us assumed we would be on board mainly as passengers and that our contribution to the success of the trip would be marginal. Well, things turned out differently…

As mere passengers we successively, module after module, evolved in our roles. We were all taking turns at being flight attendants, pilots, experts, and ATC agents as we shared our knowledge and insight in the field of aviation and corporate life in general. Some of us even jumped in as the catering company or the on board entertainment system. This made the year enjoyable and every module a new adventure of its own.

The interactions between participants, flavored by the variety of cultural and professional backgrounds, are what gave most value to the program and the maximum insight into this highly intertwined and multifaceted industry. The open manner in which all of us shared our experiences made the trip more varied than expected.

We listened, discussed, disagreed, laughed, got worked up, and wrote papers and exams. Through all this we gained knowledge, friends, experiences, and yes we also, incidentally, obtained the Diploma. Thanks to everyone for their valued contribution throughout the year, and let’s get ready for a smooth landing.” 



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