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TIDS - Frequently Asked Questions

What does TIDS mean?

The Travel Industry Designator Service (TIDS) is an IATA program which provides a unique identification code for travel agents and sales intermediaries such as meeting planners, event organizers who are not currently IATA-Accredited Agents and are located outside of the USA. This unique number ensures proper identification of the agent and their bookings in electronic reservation systems worldwide with a standard numeric code.

TIDS in general

Why do I need a TIDS Code?

For Travel and Tourism Industry Suppliers, TIDS speeds up and simplifies reservations processing, as it identifies you as the booking source from the very first reservation. The unique TIDS identification allocated to an agency's place of business reduces the risk of duplication of reservation numbers, avoids the consequences of invalid or rejected bookings and secures any commercial arrangements with industry suppliers.

My company/agency is based in the USA. May I apply for a TIDS Code?

A similar programme called the Non-Ticketing Program is available to travel agents/travel sales intermediaries based in the United States. More information can be found on the IATAN website:

Who are the sponsors of the TIDS Programme?

TIDS is supported by IATA Member Airlines, major GDSs, and most travel industry suppliers worldwide. 

What is the difference between TIDS and IATA Accreditation?

A TIDS Code facilitates identification of bookings and reservations with industry providers such as airlines, hotels and car rental companies. Only IATA Accredited Agents are authorised to issue international airline tickets. Please refer to the relevant Application Form to make sure that you have provided all the documents required for your specific region.

How long does it take to get a TIDS code?

If your application is complete, your code is normally processed within a week.

For how long is my TIDS Code valid?

A new TIDS Code is valid until the end of that same calendar year (i.e. until 31 December). TIDS Codes are renewable each year and subject to payment of an annual fee. You will receive an invoice to renew your TIDS Code in October, payable by December, for the next calendar year (01 January – 31 December). The registration fee for a TIDS Code includes the first year annual fee. If you do not renew your TIDS Code, the code will be terminated in the following January, you will be advised and all industry systems will then cancel your code.

If I don’t book air travel, can I still get a TIDS number?

Yes! The TIDS program was specifically designed to accredit travel planners that do not sell air or at least do not issue air tickets.


My company organizes conferences/events. Am I eligible to apply for a TIDS Code?

Yes! If you are a sales intermediary providing any travel or tourism related services such as organising conferences and/or events on behalf of third-party customers, you would be eligible to apply for a TIDS Code.

I offer an on-line hotel booking service. Am I eligible to apply for a TIDS Code?

Yes! If your website provides an on-line hotel and/or airline booking service for the public, you would be eligible to apply for a TIDS Code.

I am an incoming tour operator. Am I eligible to apply for a TIDS Code?

Yes! If you make hotel bookings, organize travel and excursions for incoming tourists, you would be eligible to apply for a TIDS Code.

Must I be a member of the National Travel Agents’ Association to be eligible?

You would still be eligible for a TIDS Code if you are not a member of the national agents’ association. Instead, you should provide letters of recommendation required from other TIDS Supporters as follows:

  • 1 from a GDS (e.g. Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan) OR
  • 1 from an IATA  Member Airline OR
  • 2 from Travel Industry suppliers (i.e. hotels, car rentals) from the list of recognised TIDS Supporters.

Please refer to the relevant Application Form to make sure that you have provided all the documents required for your specific region.

How long does it take for my code to become “active” in the system, once it has been allocated?

Approximately 10 days after allocation of your TIDS Code, its validity can be checked 24/7 on our website A new TIDS Code holder should allow approximately one month for the new code information to be distributed by electronic data file to all IATA Agency Data Subscribers worldwide. The information then has to be uploaded into industry suppliers’ internal systems, and it is normally at this point that your TIDS Code is recognised. It is at the industry supplier’s discretion to recognise your new code before it appears in their system.

How can I verify if a code is still valid?

TIDS Codes can be checked 24/7 on our website You can check new codes approximately 10 days after assignment.

Can I use the same TIDS Code for different locations?

A unique code identifies you as a TIDS travel agency/sales intermediary. If you have several agency locations, they may all use the same TIDS Code. However, if you wish to be able to differentiate between locations or different offices, then you may apply for additional TIDS Codes. One Application Form should be completed for each branch location.

Is my TIDS Code valid in the USA?

Yes, your TIDS Code is valid worldwide.

What documents do I need to provide to apply for a TIDS Code?

Documents requested may vary from region to region, but in general the following documents are required:
  • a completed and signed Application Form;
  • evidence of business registration (e.g. Government License, Chamber of Commerce registration document), including tax registration or other business registration number(s);
  • photocopy of recent bank statement or bank letter, showing that you maintain a business bank account in the name of the company;
  • proof of membership of the national travel agents’ association OR
  • letter(s) of recommendation as follows:
    • 1 from a reservation system (Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan) OR
    • 1from an IATA Member Airline OR
    • 2 from Travel Industry suppliers (i.e. hotels, car rental companies from the list  of recognised TIDS Supporters).

Please refer to the relevant application form to make sure that you have provided all the documents required for your specific region.

Administrative requirements / payment / cancellation

May I send you photocopies of the documents required to apply for a TIDS Code?

Yes, you may send photocopies of the documents. The complete application may be sent by fax or by e-mail, paper copies by mail are not necessary.

May I fax/e-mail the documents to you?

Yes, we do not require paper copies. Electronic/scanned copies are preferred.

How can I pay the fee for the TIDS Code?

The payment will be online credit card payment through a secure site. Once we have received your application we will send you an invoice with reference to the payment as well as log-in details to access the protected site and your account from where you will be able to carry out the transaction. We accept all major credit cards.

What do I do if I want to cancel my TIDS Code?

Please let us know in writing in advance of your wish to cancel your TIDS Code.

Do I have to inform my GDS of my TIDS code allocation?

It is advisable to inform your GDS as soon as your code is allocated so that it can be programmed into systems as quickly as possible.

What happens if things change, if the company name or contact details change?

Please advise us of any changes in writing as quickly as possible so that the information is distributed to industry suppliers promptly and your records are kept up-to-date. For this purpose please complete this form and submit it via our customer portal.

May I use the IATA logo on my company letterhead/website?

As a TIDS-Code holder, you are not authorised to use the IATA logo as the TIDS is not an IATA endorsement or Accreditation. The terms and conditions of the TIDS Programme (which are part of the Application Form and accepted by the agent/sales intermediary upon signature) clearly state that you may not use the IATA logo.

Additional information

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