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The Meeting Space

All our rooms have a view of downtown and are equipped with a data projector, high-speed Wi-Fi which are included in the price of the room.

Our staff is present to offer technical support and install any audio visual devices including a polycom upon request. The rooms can be arranged in classroom, theatre, tables in groups and U-shape. We offer catering for our meetings. The building also has interior parking available.

Whittle - Capacity: 18, Room size (ft): 29 x 20


Santos-Dumont - Capacity: 31, Room size (ft): 32 x 40


McCurdy - Capacity: 36, Room size (ft): 40 x 28


Boardroom - Capacity: 41, Room size (ft): 35 x 48


Whittle + Wright Brothers joined - Capacity: 36, Room size (ft): 58 x 20

Montreal Conference Center

Santos-Dumont + Tupolev joined - Capacity: 62-75, Room size (ft): 64 x 40



Our mission is to represent, lead and serve the airline industry

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