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Airline Consulting

Over 60 years experience helping airlines achieve results

It’s a known fact that the airline industry is currently undergoing changes. Increasing competition and a volatile market have drastically changed the rules of engagement. Change can be a good thing, as long as you can adapt to it in a timely manner.

Whether your needs are to increase safety, cut costs or become more competitive, IATA shares your sense of urgency and can help you get there quicker.

Below are some the areas where IATA can play a significant role:

 Strategic Planning

  • Strategic Management
  • Restructuring
  • Change Management
  • Airline Turn-Around
  • Airline Start Up
  • Cost Reduction
  • Business Planning
  • Alliances

Airline Profitability

  • Cost reduction
  • Fuel Conservation and Gap Analysis
  • Fuel Conservation and Sustainable Development
  • Distribution Channels
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Sales Planning
  • Alliances
  • Pricing & Revenue Management

Ground Operations / Safety

  • Ground Services
  • In-flight Services
  • Safety & Security

Fleet Planning

  • Fleet Optimization
  • Business Planning
  • Long term Fleet Planning

Network Planning

  • Business Planning
  • Network Optimization
  • New Destinations

Want to learn how to increase customer satisfaction and grow revenues?

Knowing what your customers think about your airline's service, and how they compare you to direct competitors, is a crucial starting point. Download our consulting whitepaper.



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