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Airline Consulting

​​​​​​​​​​​Whether your airline needs are to increase revenues or rationalize costs, IATA Consulting provides strategic and tactical insights.

We help carriers overcome challenges and achieve sustainable success. Our wide range of solutions can provide results for you in many critical areas.​

With unrivalled access to worldwide aviation intelligence data and an extensive network of global experts and partners, our teams develop custom solutions based on global industry best practices. Our solutions can help you achieve real and lasting results in every aspect of airline commercial and operational management.​​​​​

​​Crisis Communications​

IATA Consulting has extensive knowledge and expertise in crisis communications. Our experts will work with your organization to design, develop and implement an effective and timely crisis communications strategy
  • Crisis Communications Manual and Response Plan
  • Crisis Communications Simulation
  • Internal Asse​ssment
  • Staff Training​​​​​ 

Fuel Efficiency

  • Code Sharing and Alliance Opportunities
  • Fleet Financial Evaluation of Operating and Capital Expenditure
  • Fuel Efficiency Program Development and Implementation
  • Fuel Management Information System​
  • Financial Control
  • Market Assessment and Long Range Forecasting
  • Market Share, Revenue and Cost Analyis
  • Route Opportunity Analysis and Development

New Distribution Capability (NDC)

  • ​Definition of the NDC migration path
  • Management of the Procurement and Selection of NDC Vendors​
  • ​NDC Requirements and Business Case Analysis
  • Project Management for NDC Implementation

Operational Efficiency and Cost Optimization 

Revenue Enhancement

  • ​Ancillary Revenue Generation
  • Business Intelligence Integration
  • Interline Partnerships​
  • Pricing and Revenue Management
  • Sales Effectiveness

Strategic Planning

  • Airline Performance Reviews
  • Commercial Strategy
  • Market Assessment​​
  • Network and Fleet Plan​


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