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Organizational Performance Review

​Are your people, processes, systems and training solutions contributing to your organization’s health?

Over $140 Billion worldwide are invested into development programs, however only 37% of companies believe their programs are effective.

Rest assured that with IATA Training your money is wisely spent. We’ve been doing this for more than 70 years. With our team of experts you'll get clear answers to the following questions:

  • Does your learning function identify and prioritize needs in alignment with your business strategic objectives?
  • Does it make good use of allocated human and material resources?
  • Does it contribute to the attainment of superior results (impacts and ROI)?

Is your organization fit? 

How do you ensure your employee development investments are aligned with your corporate strategy and that they bring about rapid change while supporting the organization’s overall vision?

Knowledge management is an increasingly strategic issue in a knowledge economy.

Competitiveness is directly dependent on an organization’s ability to activate and maintain a “fit” knowledge ecosystem. 

An organization’s knowledge ecosystem is deemed fit when its people/culture, processes/systems, technological infrastructure and training solutions/products are aligned and articulated in a way that promotes efficient and effective employee onboarding, development and continuous learning.

6 steps to organizational efficiency

Step 1: Planning  

Together with key stakeholders, IATA will clarify needs and expectations, adapt tools and communicate with employees to begin managing change.

Step 2: Diagnostic

Whether in terms of governance, management, employee mobilization, business knowledge or internal communication, through investigations we can get the pulse of your organization, compile the results and prepare a detailed diagnostic report.

Step 3: Recommendations

Based on a feasibility and priority analysis IATA will recommend appropriate and customized solutions, identify an implementation scheme and associated KPIs, outline the supporting deliverables and define a roadmap to support a change management strategy.

Step 4: Development

We habilitate, empower and involve internal stakeholders in the design of effective solutions based on industry best practices and the latest technology. We develop, and validate, the proposed solutions.

Step 5: Implementation

We ready the employees, teams and systems. We pilot the projects, gather your feedback, fine tune and launch the proposed activities.

Step 6: Monitor

We support your people and review your processes as well as your systems to evaluate the impact of the implemented solutions. We measure employee engagement and help your team stick with the program and take charge for continuous improvements.

Key benefits to improve your performance 

  • Access to world-class expertise in consulting and learning and development.
  • A positioning of your organization in the high-impact learning organization maturity model.                       
  • Strategic insights, techniques and tools to improve planning and deployment of learning and development projects.
  • Expert advice to foster more engagement, mobilization and performance from your human resources.
  • Practical solutions to improve conformity and impact of learning activities at a lower cost.

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