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Ops KPI (Formerly Fuel Management Information System)

Fuel and Carbon Efficiency Tracking at Your Fingertips

Effective management and monitoring of fuel saving and carbon emissions reduction initiatives is critical to the success of an airline’s fuel and carbon emissions reduction program. A fuel efficiency monitoring system should provide a method of evaluating the savings of both fuel and carbon emissions, and should show the results and progress of individual initiatives.

With Ops KPI, we offer airlines a simple, efficient and user-friendly solution for a continuous process improvement that ensures sustainability of achieved results. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

What is Ops KPI?

The Ops KPI provides a method for tracking an airline's fuel and carbon emissions reduction program. It is a decision-making tool that will ensure sustainable results.

Ops KPI provides benchmarking against targets that are based upon the airline's actual operational and internal goals. This easy to use software is provided on a friendly graphical user interface (GUI), that covers several areas such as Dispatch, Flight Operations, APU (Auxiliary Power Unit), IAPM (Integrated Aircraft Performance Monitoring), and Weight Control.

Ops KPI is available on iPad, iPhone and PC (web-based).

Functionality highlights

  • Tracking of standardized fuel efficiency KPIs dependent on airline data feed rate (daily / weekly / etc.)
  • Data security (ISO27001 secure)
  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Targets based on the evolving scope of the operation (tracks KPIs for specific initiatives)


  • Data feed can be tailored based on the airline’s existing systems
  • Provides functionality to track performance of multiple variables
  • Can provide high level of detail when connected to multiple sources through a main operational database.


  • Supports monitoring of an airline’s fuel program and emission footprint based on data update rate
  • Provides a view of the actual fuel saving potential based on the current operation
  • Provides real quantifiable measurement of the savings predicted during the fuel program implementation
  • Supports continuous monitoring of the achievements for sustainable improvement
  • Allows for review of procedures to maximize benefits
  • Customizable to meet specific client requirements

For more information

See this product sheet: ​IATA Fuel Management Information System (pdf) and this brochure: IATA Fuel Efficiency Program (pdf)

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