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Airport, Passenger and Security Consulting

​​​​​​​Building a new airport, adding new facilities or attracting new airlines is a highly complicated, lengthy and costly undertaking.

IATA takes a leadership role in assisting airports worldwide to meet requirements for safety, security, efficiency and functionality. We offer unequalled expertise and experience to help you plan efficiently, avoid costly mistakes and profit from unseen opportunities.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Airport Development 

In order to avoid potentially costly mistakes, get the expert guidance you need to ensure that your future infrastructure development is realistic, cost-effective and meeting its requirements. With our help, we can prepare or review master plans as well as provide comprehensive and robust airport capacity studies for the optimal development of new or existing airports. 

  • Capacity/Demand Studies

    IATA Consulting's Airport Capacity Studies can provide an in-depth understanding of the factors causing congesting but also, the application of technological innovations and operational improvements to alleviate bottlenecks. 

  • Level of Service Assessment Review

    Passengers often experience long queues, while airline suffer from delays in the air and on the ground. IATA Consulting can help you understand where you stand in order to implement solutions to optimize airport resources.

  • Master Planning & Master Plan Review

    IATA Consulting has the specialized tools and extensive experience to prepare or review master plans for the optimal development of new or new existing airports.

  • Facilities Requirements Assessment & Review
  • Functional Airside & Terminal Planning
  • Aircraft & Passenger Simulation
  • Capital Expenditures Assessment & Review
  • Airport Slot Management

    IATA Consulting can help you optimize the design, development and implementation of slot regulations, recognizing the unique circumstances of the individual airport or country requirements.

Airport Operations and Passengers 

  • Air Service Development
  • Route Network Development
  • Safety & Security
  • Fast Travel

Airport Traffic Studies 

We provide the industry’s best forecasts of passenger and cargo traffic, typically from 5 years to 30 years into the future. We have unique access to detailed information from airlines and leading-edge databases. Our forecasts can be used by airports, investors, planners and governments with the confidence of airline industry backing. 

  • Traffic Forecasting
  • Traffic Forecast Review
  • Cargo Forecasting
  • Due Diligence

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Airport Transaction Advisory Services 

The identification and assessment of all risk factors that could potentially impact an airport transaction are absolutely crucial for a successful deal. We have the tools and expertise to perform a complete airport transaction due diligence for governments, vendors, buyers and financial institutions. 

  • Strategic Analysis
  • Capacity / Demand Studies
  • Airport Development Studies
  • Capital Expenditures Assessments
  • Operational Expenditures Assessments
  • Technical due diligence

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As threats to aviation become increasingly sophisticated, many governments, international agencies and independent aviation stakeholders are striving to enhance and develop aviation security capabilities, both at home and abroad. With a proven track record of delivery, we are highly trusted and reliable partner that consistently delivers quality guidance, training and capacity development around the world. 

  • Airport
  • Ground Operations & Cargo
  • Passenger
  • Threat & Risk Audit Matrix (TRAM) & Toolkit

    The Threat & Risk Audit Matrix (TRAM) is designed to help you score your strategic, tectical and/or operational threats; the vulnerabilities, consequences and the existing mitigation. This helps you prioritize and/or optimize to be better balance your Residual Risks in line with your risk appetite and Board security priorities.

  • In-flight Supplies & Airport Supplies:
  • Regulatory Support
  • Capacity Building
  • Gap Analysis & Audits
  • Design & Delivery of Training
  • Preparation for Certification
  • Security Management Systems

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Airport Commercial Non-Aviation Business

Airports are still far from having realized their full non-aviation business potential. IATA offers world-class expertise to help you maximize the commercial non-aviation potential of your airport!

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