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Safety and Flight Operations Consulting

​​​IATA leads and drives the continuous improvement of civil aviation safety. Our consulting team provides a range of advisory and technical assistance services.
Our experts provide support to airlines, ANSPs, airports, civil aviation authorities and other organizations in building capacities, developing and implementing policies, procedures, and strategies, and providing solutions to safety problems.​​​​​

Safety and Flight Operations

  • Preparation for IOSA and ISSA Certification​
  • Safety Management Systems (SMS) Implementation
  • Quality Assurance and Compliance Monitoring
  • Communications, Navigation and Surveillance
  • Tactical Operations Support (Liaison Desks in ANS’s OCC)
  • Airspace Redesign and Capacity Optimization
  • Implementation of Performance-Based Navigation Procedures

Civil Aviation

  • Restructuring, Development of Master and Strategic Plans and Capacity Building of National Aviation Authorities
  • State Safety Program Implementation
  • Safety, Security and Economic Oversight Systems Implementation
  • Certification of Airlines

Air Traffic Management / CNS

  • Tactical operations support (Liaison Desks in ANS’s OCC)
  • Airspace redesign and capacity optimization
  • Implementation of performance-based navigation procedures​


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