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Airline Central Billing

The IATA Settlement System (ISS) charging model centralizes part of the billing for airlines on a variety of services. Airline Central Billing covers:

  • Core Processing (SCUs)
    Core processing of Standard Charging Units (SCU) covers the electronic processing of the agents and airlines activity record and its incorporation into an electronic standard billing output. Core services does not include manual activities such as data entry, sorting of documents and manual reporting but include provision of daily HOTs, daily credit card processing and other outputs and statistics as may be required from time to time by BSP and CASS participants
  • Additional Services
    Any additional reports and services provided outside of the core processing services and charged to BSP and CASS participants on a monthly basis based on the prices published in the ISS price list
  • Ad Hoc charges
    Such as BSP joining fees. These are charged on request
  • BSP Structure and Charges
    All charges are grouped by BSP office and one BSP office might include multiple countries. BSP offices have been reorganized to streamline operations and joining fees. See the BSP organizational structure (pdf) for 2012
  • Central and Regional Management Fees
    Effective 2014, participants will receive a single monthly invoice for all costs related to ISS (DPC & Management Fees) set in US Dollars. Central and regional management fee invoices in Euros will no longer be issued for BSP Participants.

Invoice Distribution

The charges are invoiced each month to the carriers’ Head Office for collection:

ISS invoices are distributed via SIS platform and via email (for non-ICH CASS participants)

Important Information

Generic Communication

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Fraud alert

Beware of fraudulent e-mails and fake IATA invoices



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