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IATA Perseuss

Airline ticket sale is an attractive ground for fraudsters. Card payment fraud is estimated to amount to over one billion dollars a year in the airline industry. IATA Perseuss is a web based community allowing airlines to cooperate to identify and fight fraudulent schemes.

Knowledge sharing about fraudulent activity

IATA Perseuss offers a secure platform where airlines can share information about fraudulent activity that they have encountered. The data can be matched with their sales data to identify suspect transactions. IATA Perseuss is not a blacklist; rather it is information sharing service for the airlines that support fraud prevention and reduces the cost of fraud.

Separate from the main functionalities of the service, airlines may consider checking their sales data in real time, in which case they should contact specialized fraud detection providers.

Join IATA Perseuss and make the right investment!

As more airlines join the service, the shared data grows, adding more value to the community of users.

IATA Perseuss is open to all airlines. A yearly subscription fee is designed to recover the cost of developing and maintaining the service.

For further details please download the IATA Perseuss brochure (pdf).

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