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Ticket Tax Box Service (TTBS)

The taxes, charges and fees global reference

The Ticket Tax Box Services' comprehensive database compiles the most current information on all taxes, charges and fees applied on passenger air transportation. These charges are shown in the "tax/fee/charge" box or charged directly to passengers.'

Through the web-based application you can retrieve Ticket Tax Box Services data through a user-friendly interface from virtually anywhere in the world.

  • Ensures accuracy in collecting and remitting taxes, charges and fees for each ticket
  • Tracks and updates changes
  • Retains historical records
  • Avoids back payments for under collection
  • Decreases auditing fines
  • Eliminates time consuming and costly billing rejections
  • Reduces losses due to uncollected taxes from sales agents and airlines
  • Produces better cash flow

The price can vary greatly depending on the use of the product.

Please contact our services for any additional information:

Generic Codes

With the allocation of SF to the Security Fee in Greenland, the last generic alpha/alpha code available has been allocated

TTBS will begin A/N coding beginning with A1, A2 etc. effective with the next code allocation request.


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