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IATA BSP Consolidator System (IBCS)

The IATA BSP Consolidator System (IBCS) is a partnership between IATA and General Sales Agents (GSA) organizations that have a global reach, i.e. that are represented in a minimum of 20 BSP markets. The aim of IBCS is to harness the resources of those GSA to facilitate wider participation of all scheduled airlines in the global BSP network, by allowing BSP membership on a variable cost basis.

Historically, on a cost/benefit basis, not all BSPs have been economically attractive to every carrier. BSP costs have typically been lowest when ticket volume is high and considerably more expensive when volumes are small – owing to the fixed costs of joining/running fees that are prorated among BSP member carriers.

An alternative for airlines in marginal markets

The IBCS program provides an opportunity to profitably participate in marginal market BSPs with negligible capital risk. It is especially geared to airlines seeking to develop incremental revenues from those markets, and small and start-up carriers looking to widen their distribution reach at low cost.

This system complements the normal BSP participation model. It allows both large and small carriers with lower volumes in a particular BSP market to gain the benefits of a BSP, but without the comparatively high upfront joining fee. The offset is a higher processing fee for each transaction.

IBCS is a “win-win-win” programme for airlines, the BSPs and the IATA Agents. Find out more by contacting one of the IBCS consolidators below or your local IATA representative.

IBCS consolidators:


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