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How to Use the Mobilization Forums

Please note that the forums on this website are read-only. The function of posting and responding to questions has been disabled. All questions and comments previously submitted are available as reference.

View the original, where you can reply and participate in discussion here. For info on how to register and log in, please see the instructions.

Contact the Mobilization Team for any questions you may have relating to IATA Financial Exchange.

  • Legal --  Questions regarding legal aspects and compliance, digitial signatures, storage of digitally signed invoices and protection of interests

  • Costs & Charges --  Questions regarding costs of using IATA Financial Exchange and the way that the charging model is set up.

  • MatchMaker Q&A --  Questions regarding MatchMaker credentials, submitting suppliers, supplier status and reports.

  • Contractual aspect of on-boarding --  Questions regarding the contractual aspect of the on-boarding process such as credentials,  users and recipients.

  • Q&A for airlines on supplier mobilization -- Questions regarding how to contact suppliers, how to get support from IATA and how to get participate in the mobilization initiative.

  • Record Structures --  Questions regarding the record structures (IS-IDEC and IS-XML).

  • Requirements & Functionality --  Questions regarding monitoring the status of invoices, creating the invoice itself and rejected invoices

  • Testing aspect of on-boarding -- Questions regarding self-testing (error report), certification, end to end testing with billed entity.


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