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Mobilization Initiative

The Mobilization Initiative is led by airlines with support from IATA to on-board invoice senders to submit transactions via SIS e-invoicing.

Following the success of SIS, the airline community requested to further extend the service to other key industry segments. The aim of the initiative is to expand electronic usage and industry standards of electronic invoicing (IS-XML) to all airlines’ direct operating cost suppliers including: Airports, Ground Handlers, Ground Service Providers, ANSP, and MROs. This addresses the need to reduce the number of invoice formats and improve the way invoices are posted, reconciled and tracked.

Who can benefit from this initiative?

The entire air transport community and anyone who supports the industry directly or indirectly will benefit. Since core suppliers are highly shared amongst airlines, any such supplier who decides to join through airline efforts will benefit the rest of the community. Only an industry wide initiative can realize the full potential of these benefits for both suppliers and airlines.

Mobilization welcomes new member airline and supplier volunteers from each country.


Industry presentations

You will find all presentations from Mobilization meetings in the following links:

3rd Mobilization Workshop, World Financial Symposium

Abu Dhabi, 14-18 September 2014

Integrated Settlement Week

Montreal, 2-6 December, 2013

Meeting Minutes (pdf)

Meeting Minutes (pdf)

Airline Presentations Report on Legal Compliance (pdf)
Airpas (pdf) Report on e-invoicing Working Group (pdf)
Etihad (pdf) Report on IATA Financial Exchage (pdf)
Lufthansa (pdf) Airline Internal Alignment (pdf)
Mobilization Initiative (pdf)
IATA Presentations
Mobilization Initiative (pdf)
SIS GM Mobilization Report (pdf)
Supplier Engagement (pdf)

Airline Engagement (pdf)


2nd Mobilization Workshop

Geneva, 27-28 May 2014

Mobilization Kickoff Workshop

London, 13-14 November 2013

Meeting Minutes (pdf)

 Meeting Minutes (pdf)
Airline Presentations Airline Presentations
Delta (pdf) British Airways (pdf)
Lufthansa (pdf)
Swiss (pdf) Industry Suppliers Presentations
TUIfly (pdf) Gate Grourmet (pdf)
Virgin Atlantic (pdf) Heathrow Airport (pdf)
Locatory (pdf)
Industry Suppliers Presentations
Servair (pdf) IATA Presentations
Antitrust Briefing & Introduction (pdf)
IATA Presentations Overview of IATA Financial (pdf)
Antitrust Briefing (pdf) Mobilization Plan (pdf)
IATA Welcome (pdf) Active Airline Mobilization (pdf)
Progress Report (pdf) MatchMaker Tool (pdf)
Supplier Session (pdf) IATA Electronic Invoicing Platform (pdf)
Arline Session (pdf) IS-XML Standard (pdf)
ACXWG (pdf)


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