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Support Materials

The below documents will help you use the SIS e-invoicing platform:

User Guide

The User Guide (pdf) is an extensive manual to help IS users navigate through the various screens on the IS platform. This document describes in detail all screens and fields available on IS-Web and how to use them appropriately.

Computer-Based Training (CBT)

The Computer-Based Training (CBT) is a set of web tutorials aimed at providing users an overview of how to use the SIS e-invoicing platform. The tutorials present available functionalities that are accessible by an user.

Reference Documentation

The following are various support documents related to implementing SIS e-invoicing:

MatchMaker Tool Support

The following are user guides and demo webcasts for airlines related to the use ot the MatchMaker Tool.

  • Airline User Guide (pdf)

    Webcasts by function

  • Register and Login (zip)
  • Administration (zip)
  • Submitting Suppliers (zip)
  • Send Request (zip)
  • Pipeline Process (zip)
  • Reports Webcast (zip)
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