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Support Materials

The below documents will help you use the SIS e-invoicing platform:

User Guide

The User Guide​ (pdf) is an extensive manual to help IS users navigate through the various screens on the IS platform. This document describes in detail all screens and fields available on IS-Web and how to use them appropriately.

Computer-Based Training (CBT)

The Computer-Based Training (CBT) is a set of web tutorials aimed at providing users an overview of how to use the SIS e-invoicing platform. The tutorials present available functionalities that are accessible by an user.

Reference Documentation

The following are various support documents related to implementing SIS e-invoicing:

MatchMaker Tool Support

The following are user guides and demo webcasts for airlines related to the use ot the MatchMaker Tool.

  • Airline User Guide (pdf)

    Webcasts by function

  • Register and Login (zip)
  • Administration (zip)
  • Submitting Suppliers (zip)
  • Send Request (zip)
  • Pipeline Process (zip)
  • Reports Webcast (zip)
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