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Working Groups Governing SIS

Working groups (WGs) composed of airline experts are key to driving the detailed definition of business requirements of Simplified Interline Settlement (SIS). Additionally, the WGs will work closely with the chosen vendor to finalize the SIS requirements, ensure that all of the vendor’s suggestions work within the carriers’ existing systems and processes, and review any suggestions (such as screen mockups or reports) made by the vendor.

The WGs and the SIS project are guided by a Steering Group, which is responsible for setting the overall direction and scope of the project and ensuring that the project remains aligned with the business goals.

The three Working Groups have been organised based on the topics to be discussed:

  • The Passenger WG will be responsible for all Pax processes, including prime and rejection billing, plus FIRST & FINAL™ and Sampling.
  • The Cargo WG will be responsible for all Cargo processes, including prime and rejection billing.
  • The Miscellaneous WG will be responsible for Miscellaneous invoices and supporting documents. The working group will liaise with IATA experts to ensure international tax and legal compliance and monitor the financial control aspects of SIS.

Where applicable, the decisions and outputs of the SIS WGs will be reviewed and approved by independent committees, the IDEC Steering Committee and the Sampling Steering Committee.


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