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Simplified Interline Settlement (SIS) is now live with Release 1.0 (Passenger and Miscellaneous functionalities). The next release of SIS (Release 1.1) is scheduled for May 2012 with Cargo and UATP functionalities.

The following table describes the key dates in the migration and go-live of SIS. Please visit the Joining SIS section for more details on implementing SIS.





26 Aug 2011

SIS Participation Agreement released to the industry.

  1. Please note that all participants migrating to SIS will need to sign and return the IS Participation Agreement to IATA. This agreement will govern access to the Integrated Settlement platform and enable viewing, editing, or loading of company data (no charge until SIS Go-live) and upload/download of invoice data (uploading is charged).
  2. Please refer to the Joining SIS Requirements Checklist for instructions on returning the IS Participation Agreement.

31 Dec 2011

Last date we will store OAR/DS files on a backdated effective date

  1. We will setup the OAR output generation in your Member Profile for Oct P1. If the IS Participation Agreement is signed before Dec 31, you will be able to access the OAR outputs from SIS for Oct, Nov, and Dec. This configuration will be effective from Oct P1 onwards.
  2. If the IS Participation Agreement is signed after Dec 31, there will be no more backdating or file storage of this data – i.e. OAR/DS files will only be available from the time the agreement is signed onwards.
January 2012 Release of Cargo sample files
February 2012 Release of new versions of Intergrated Settlement Participation Guide (ISPG)
March 2012
  1. Pilot Testing for Cargo and UATP functions start
  2. Release of new versions of Computer-Based-Training (CBT) and User Guide
April 2012
  1. early Apr - Connectivity Testing begins
  2. mid Apr - Sandbox available
May 2012

Cargo and UATP go-live (Release 1.1 of SIS)

September 2012 Old IDEC service discontinued
April 2013
  1. ICH-WEB interface disconnected (all claims services and ICH reports will be available through the IS platform)
  2. ACH recap sheet interface disabled

In essence, all IATA Clearing House transactions will be processed through SIS after this date.



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