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Technical Documentation

Integrated Settlement Participation Guide (ISPG)

The Integrated Settlement Participation Guide (ISPG) contains all information and specification needed in order to fully implement Integrated Settlement (IS). This document is revised from time to time as needed.

ISPG Document ISPG Package Change Log

ISPG v3.3.2 (pdf)

ISPG v3.3.2 with tracked changes (pdf)

Change Log v3.3.2 (pdf)

IS-IDEC Record Structure IS-XML Record Structure

Passenger Record Structure v3.3.2 (xls)

Passenger Record Structure v3.3.2 (pdf)

Cargo Record Structure v3.3.2 (xls)

Cargo Record Structure v3.3.2 (pdf)

IS-XML Invoice Standard v3.3.2 (zip)

Sample Files Supporting Attachments

Passenger (zip)

Miscellaneous (zip)

Cargo (zip)

UATP (zip)

Excel to IS-XML tool (zip)


Supporting Attachments (zip)

ICH Reports

ICH Form 1 XML - upgrade (zip)

ICH Form 1 Other Formats - upgrade (zip)

ICH Reports Upgraded v3.7 (pdf)

ICH Form 1 Extended XML (zip)

ICH Form 1 Extended Other Formats (zip)

ICH Form 1 Naming Convention (pdf)

Production System Release Notes

These notes include important information regarding changes deployed in the SIS live environment.

Latest Release | 1.5.2(pdf)

Maintenance Releases

 Major Releases

  1. 1.3 Releases (ZIP)

 1.4 Releases 

1.4.1 (pdf)

1.4.2 (pdf)

1.4.3 (pdf)

 1.4.4 (pdf)

1.4.5 (pdf)

1.4.6 (pdf)

1.4.7 (pdf)


  1.5 Releases


  1. 1.2 (pdf)
  2. 1.3 (pdf)
  3. 1.4 (pdf)
  4. 1.5 (pdf)


CMP Documents




Additional information

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