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SIS Forums

Welcome to the SIS Forums. The current forums are:

  • Requirements & Functionality -- Questions regarding the requirements and functionality of Integrated Settlement. Most of what is contained in the ISPG should be asked here, unless it fits better in another category

  • Rules, Policies, & Codes -- This forum is for questions regarding the rules and policies in place to use IS. Note that only IS-related rules should be asked -- all questions having to do with the RAM should be addressed to

  • Record Structures -- Questions regarding the record structures (IS-IDEC and IS-XML).

  • Costs & Charges -- Questions regarding costs of using Integrated Settlement and the way that the charging model is set up.

  • Legal, E-Invoicing, & Digital Signatures -- Questions regarding questions of e-invoicing, digital signatures, and legal aspects of usage of Integrated Settlement.

  • Timelines & Mandate Dates -- Questions regarding the timelines of IS, including mandate dates and policies about when you need to implement certain functionality. See the website for more information.

  • Technical Aspects of Migration -- Questions related to the technical aspects of your migration from non-IS to IS-enabled (e.g. submitting old and new formats at the same time, IS-IDEC downconversion, and rules about migration). It is not for the migration processes you will go through in order to sign up to the system.

  • Participation Agreement & Implementation Support -- Questions regarding the support that SIS will be offering to help you implement SIS, such as documents, the website, workshops, or other materials.

  • Signing Up & Migration Steps -- Questions regarding your company's IS signup and migration process, such as signing of the agreement, initial profile update, sandbox testing, etc.

  • Custom Assistance & Consulting -- SIS cannot offer personalized assistance for your particular system or project, and we will not answer overly specific questions on this site. This forum is to connect the participants needing this cusotmized level of assitance with people or companies who can offer it. Please post what you can offer or what you need, and contact information. SIS takes no responsibility for this forum and will not monitor this forum closely.

  • Other Topics -- This forum is for questions that are unrelated to the other existing forums.

How to Use the SIS Forums

Please note that the forums on this website are read-only. The function of posting and responding to questions has been disabled. All questions and comments previously submitted are available as reference.  

Contact our SIS Help Desk  for any questions you may have relating to SIS.


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