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Daily IDEC & # of invoices

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Created by Debby W (Navitaire) on 2010-08-02 11:03:07 Back to Topics

Daily IDEC & # of invoices

If airlines decide to submit DAILY IS-IDEC files. Each daily billing will have a unique invoice #. On pg 40-41 Basics for Airline Business Case - there is a chart showing estimated costs based on # of "invoices". In this case are the "invoices" counted as the daily IS-IDEC invoice #s or the WEEKLY settlements that will be sent to the other carriers? There is also a transaction fee per invoice... So will DAILY IS-IDEC increase the airline's cost significantly?
Replied by James S on 2010-08-03 06:16:16
Yes. Where we use the term invoice in that document, it would refer to what you describe -- an invoice with a unique invoice #. That's how it's counted today in the ICH -- there can be multiple invoices per category per OA per period -- even if it's not explicitly billed.
And, yes, daily IDEC would increase the number of invoices, which would increase the cost. It might add an additional $1.80 per OA (5 * .45 (medium volume) instead of 1 * .45).

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