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rejection for non receipt of paper documents

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Created by Zineb A (Royal Air Maroc) on 2012-02-16 05:56:37 Back to Topics

rejection for non receipt of paper documents

Hi Ashley,
I would like to have a clarification regarding rejection for non receipt of paper invoices.
We are a carrier which migrate passenger category in decembre 2011. I have two questions :
1/ If an early adopter didn't send us paper invoices, could we reject his billing for non receipt ? (sending of paper documents until janvier 2012)
2/ if a non-migrated carriers which continue to send us invoices in old idec until septembre 2012 didnt provide us paper invoices, could we continue to reject based on our calendar as usual ?
Kind regards,
Replied by Ashley H on 2012-02-16 21:21:39
Dear Zineb,

In both cases the RAM Rules will apply:

1. For a migrated carrier it was mandatory to send paper invoices until Dec 2012. The following RAM rules will apply: Part 1 A10.3.4/Reason for Rejection –> Non-receipt of Documents; and RAM A9.7/ Invoices and credit notes -> Non-receipt of invoices/billed documents/listings.

2. For a non-migrated carrier the same rules above are also applicable.

Hope this clarifies.

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