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Attachments - .xls format

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Created by Edoardo C on 2011-09-27 08:48:30 Back to Topics

Attachments - .xls format

Could you please confirm us if it is possible to use excel file  as supporting documents?
Thank you!
Replied by Ashley H on 2011-09-27 10:08:14

Dear Edoardo,


Please see below the list of Supporting Documents formats that are accepted by default (ref. ISPG v3.2, Section 9.4/File Types):

a) Plain text files (.txt and .csv)

b) Plain HTML files (.htm and .html) without any embedded hyperlinks or image file references

c) Rich Text files (.rtf)

d) Portable Document Format files (.pdf)

e) JPEG Image files (.jpg or .jpeg)

f) TIFF Image files (.tif or .tiff)


In addition to these, if you would like to send other format(s) you will need to have this bilaterally agreed with your billing partners. Similarly, if you would like to accept other format(s) you will need to declare it in your Member Profile and inform your partner(s).


If you send supporting documents in any formats other than the default ones to a member that did not declare to accept it, then the supporting document will fail validation.


Hope this clarifies.

Best regards


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