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Clarifications on Grd Hdlg - Catering

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Created by Yixin W on 2010-10-11 07:06:54 Back to Topics

Clarifications on Grd Hdlg - Catering

I would like to confirm definition of some strctures/elements. For these question, please refer to
(A) file name: SIS P3 - Misc IS-XML Standard - V2
(B) tab: 2)Charge Catgry-Charge Code Map
- Grd Hldg-CateringIn a current invoice, normally cabin class and a list of meal types (normal/vegetarian/child meal etc) and respective numbers are listed. "Cabin Class" itself is a field required, how about meal types?
Replied by Bruno R (IATA) on 2010-12-13 12:01:20
Dear Yixin,
You should refer to the version 3.0 of IS-XML that is the current version of the record structure.
Not all the information required on an invoice are defined as  technical fields, some of the information are embedded in the description of the service rendered.
You can define the type of meal in the invoice line item in the description of the service provided.
Best Regards

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