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Errors in CGO IS-IDEC file

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Created by Marta M (IBERIA) on 2012-06-25 04:05:58 Back to Topics

Errors in CGO IS-IDEC file

 Good morning.  Except for error, we’ve detected three errors in the IS-IDEC (CGO) file we received from SIS:

1. AWB record (SFI 25) doesn’t have fill the field 21 “amount subject to ISC” being the awb “charges collect”.See attached (CIDECT-07520120503.dat).

2. AWB record (SFI 25) field 39 “Interline Service Charge Amount” not well calculated.For Billing Code C it must be  (Amount sub ISC) * (ISC%) = ISC Amount amount subject to ISC.In the attached (CIDECT-075201205042.dat) this amount must be 1,250 (25,000 * 5/100) instead of 3,180.

3.Rejection Memo Record (SFI 35) with field 22 and field 23 not well calculated. If the "rejection stage" is 2 then it has to subtract the “We accepted” from “Your billing” and it is not doing so.See example in rejection numbers  60501 and 60502 (attachment CIDECT-075201205041.txt).

Thank you very much. Marta


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