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SFI 40 Provional Data

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Created by Harry H (US Airways, Inc.) on 2013-03-25 18:45:05 Back to Topics

SFI 40 Provional Data

Our sampling partner does not provide the individual absorption amounts (ISC, Tax, UATP etc.) or individual rates in their SFI 40 record but does populate the total provisional adjustment amount (element 63).  Our agreement with them is that the absorption amount (ISC, UATP and tax) will be based on the actual value on the ticket. The validation performed by SIS for element 63 is that " (1) In case provisional adjustment rate is provided then it should be equal to Gross value multiplied by the provisional adjustment rate; (2) In case the individual provisional adjustment amounts are provided, the total provisional adjustment amount should be equal to the sum of individual absorption amounts.  Since the record does not contain data on the individual absorption rates or the individual absorption amounts, does SIS forego validation of element 63 since the record does not satisfy either requirement (1) individual absorption rates or, (2) individual absorption amount.  Shouldn't such a record fail validation since validation cannot be performed?
Harry Hughes

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