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Discrepancy in Misc file layout

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Created by Shankar S on 2010-11-23 06:56:18 Back to Topics

Discrepancy in Misc file layout

While coding the programme,  our IT team observed, there are few discrepancies in the Charge codes provided in the ISPG and Miscellaneous File layout. The same are listed below. We will appreciate if you could let us know which are the correct one’s so that correct information can be generated in our output file.

ISPG: Lighting Charges

File Layout: Lighting

ISPG: Runway

File Layout: Runway Charges

ISPG: Loan

File Layout Loans

ISPG: MRO – Maintenance

File Layout: MRO Maintenance

ISPG: MRO - Repair AND Overhaul

File Layout: MRO RepairsAndOverhaul

Charge category: Ground Handling

ISPG: Misc Charges

File Layout: Misc

ISPG: Mishandling Passenger

File Layout: Mishandling PAX

ISPG: Passenger Transportation

File Layout: PAX Transportation

ISPG: Meetings/ Conferences

File Layout: MeetingsAndConferences

ISPG: CASS Charges

File Layout: CASS

Charge Category: Service Provider

ISPG: Fees

File Layout: Fee

ISPG: Meetings/ Conferences

File Layout: MeetingsAndConferences

Replied by Bruno R (IATA) on 2010-12-13 12:27:58
Dear Shankar,
The technical requirement is defined in the IS XML record layout.
ISPG will be updated to mention that the technical name of the charge code is summarize may be different than the full name.
IS-XML definition is the reference you should use to base your development.
Best Regards

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