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SFI 20, Element 61 (Surcharge Amount)

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Created by Benjamin R on 2010-11-25 07:34:57 Back to Topics

SFI 20, Element 61 (Surcharge Amount)

Can anybody please explain what exactly this element is for?
Surcharges are always part of the gross amount, if they belong to the fare. If not, for example YQ/YR they are never included in the gross amount but rather reported as tax.
As the description to this element shows, it is anyway included in the gross amount, why it should be reported seperately to the billed airline? What's the purpose behind that?
Replied by Bruno R (IATA) on 2010-12-13 11:14:52

Dear Benjamin,

The Surcharge amount field was kept in the record structure so that airlines can specify the Surcharge amount included within the Billed Gross Amount. This is an optional field and used for information purpose only. There is no validation on this field.

Surcharges are a big issue in the ACH world and by having this amount specified separately, airlines will get the complete perspective of the what has been billed by the interline partner.

Best Regards



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