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Certification slots and scheduling

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Created by Shankar S on 2010-12-09 07:56:06 Back to Topics

Certification slots and scheduling

We run bureau services for other airlines.
Emirates use Rapid system (Revenue Accounting) and also we use Rapid for all these Airlines. The data base is different for different airlines.
Once Emirates file is certified by IATA for SIS migration, can we use same file for these airlines by replaing Emirates code. The reason is, once Rapid system and interface is tested for Emirates, we do not see any issue in migrating these bureau clients to SIS.  Or is it mandatory that we have to generate separate file from database of Rapid system of these airlines to get certificate from IATA to migrate.
Pls revert
Replied by Bruno R (IATA) on 2010-12-13 14:55:11
Dear Shankar,
The migration is related to PAX CGO MISC and UATP transactions.
The certification process is to test the compliance of the files generated out of an airline system.
Each airline will have to run is own certification regardless if they use the same system.
All the different user of Rapid will have to pass the certification process, the fact that EK will have done it earlier will only ease the compliance of the other users.
So you will have to generate real file for passing certification process for all of your customer and not fake the test file just by replacing the airline from EK to any other.
We need testing made on real data in the real environment of the customer otherwise the certification process will not have much value.
Also this is why we do not certify system but Airlines.
Best Regards

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