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Correspondence: handling of reclaims

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Created by Claudia L (Lufthansa) on 2010-06-29 07:20:21 Back to Topics

Correspondence: handling of reclaims

In case there is a correspondence which we started with a request of 500 USD due to LH but the OAL wants to reply that there actually is a reclaim applicable with an amount due to them of 200 USD for this case.
Can the IS-Web correspondence tool handle this?
Replied by James S on 2010-06-30 09:13:19
The correspondence process is designed around the idea that, if you've started correspondence, the OAL already has the money. It might be that the 3rd RM was for $1000, but LH "requested $500". So, no, there's no way for the OAL to ask for an additional $200 (ie, a net of $700 less than LH wants), at least not in the field dedicated to amount (of course, in the free text, either airline can write whatever they want).
You'd handle this situation by coming to an agreement (if one can be reached), then the OAL would raise a BM, independent of the "automatic authority to bill" correspondence => BM process that IS will offer.

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