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Reason code for RM on coupon level?

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Created by Claudia L on 2010-06-15 06:13:39 Back to Topics

Reason code for RM on coupon level?

In case a RM/BM has a coupon breakdown and the billed carrier wants to reject some of these coupons from one RM/BM.

If these coupons are indeed rejected on the same RM but the rejection is due to different reason codes for the single coupons, shall the billed airline use the reason code that is available on RM coupon breakdown (field has been added in ISPG version 2.1)? A reason code on RM level would not be helpful to the receiving carrier.
Replied by James S on 2010-06-30 10:28:27

The (RAM) rule is that when you have a bulk rejection, all coupons are being rejected for the same reason. If different coupons have different reasons, you'd break it up into multiple RMs (see your other question).

The reason code at the coupon breakdown level is for bilateral and informational use only -- it's extra and doesn't control any sort of validation. As you say, a reason code at the RM level is helpful (and necessary).

If, for some reason, all coupons are for the same set of multiple reasons, you'd use the "other" reason code (5Z) and provide those reasons in the text. This should be rare. In fac, it's most likely only when new situations come up in the future and, in those cases, will be solved by the RAWG with new suitable reason codes.


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