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Query on Fees

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Created by Nilesh S (SUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE) on 2011-09-06 08:48:35 Back to Topics

Query on Fees

Would like to clarify the following points -


I am an ICH carrier with a volume of approx 10,000 Invoices that are raised every year.


1) As per the charges, we understand that web/SIS Migration cost is $ 9,000. Is this amount over and above the ICH web fees that we need to pay after migration, if yes what is the ICH web fees?


2) Do we also need to pay for the annual IS flat fee of $ 4000 based on the number of invoices raised?


3) What is the IS transaction fee that needs to be paid? Is this over an above the costs mentioned above and how is this calculated?

Replied by Ashley H on 2011-09-07 10:50:53

Dear Nilesh,


Please find the answers to your questions as follows:


1. Yes – as stated in Attachment A, Section 1 of the IS Participation Agreement, the ICH Web/SIS Migration Surcharge will be applied in addition to the existing ICH Web fees.


2. If you are an ICH Carrier using ICH Web, you will not be required to also pay the Annual IS Flat Fee – this fee is applicable to SIS participants that do not use the ICH or ACH legacy system (i.e. ICH Web, Recap Sheet). Please see Section 3 for further details.


3. Your IS Transactions Fees will depend on the volume of transactions, as detailed on the chart in Section 4. For transactions we will charge the base rate in all cases, and adjust in arrears if you exceed the thresholds by year end. We will then use the adjusted threshold for the following year, and adjust again at the end if the band changes.


Hope this clarifies.




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