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Migration Fees

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Created by Nilesh S (SUTHERLAND GLOBAL SERVICE) on 2011-09-06 09:51:36 Back to Topics

Migration Fees

Once the carrier migrates to SIS, we understand that the Migration fees would not be required and only the flat fee needs to be paid, Hence would the migration fess be applicable on a prorate basis till the time the carrier is not migrated? OR Would they need to pay the entire amount based on the no of invoices of the previous year?

Replied by Ashley H on 2011-09-07 10:53:40

Hi Nilesh,

At present, we will calculate all your charges based on the Migration Surcharge until you are 100% migrated and then switch to the migration fee. However, please note that all prices are best estimates for planning purposes, as the purpose is only to recover costs. Prices are subject to revision, up or down, as and when more real data becomes available.

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