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The use of 'Breakdown Serial Number'(Cargo question)

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Created by Binbin D (Accounting Centre of Chin) on 2010-07-01 21:55:13 Back to Topics

The use of 'Breakdown Serial Number'(Cargo question)

In ISPG v2.0 (section 12.15), there is a newly added Folder Element 'Breakdown Serial Number'. Its format is 5N. But in xml Invoice Standard v2.1, we can't find any field which can be linked to this 'Breakdown Serial Number'. The AWB Serial Number is 7N.
So how can we link each of the supporting documents to each breakdown detail in xml?
(This question is related to Cargo)
Replied by James S on 2010-07-02 04:31:28
Thanks for the report. There's an element called "BreakdownSerialNumber" which should be used. This is incorrectly designated as 5AN (in both cargo and Pax in the IS-XML). It should be 5N to match section 12.15.
This will be fixed in the next version. Ticket #107 has been opened.

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