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Combined Billings Report

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Created by Christina P on 2011-03-15 17:51:06 Back to Topics

Combined Billings Report

ACH is planning on having a report that combines totals for billings through SIS and the old ACH settlement sheet process so a consolidated picture is presented. 
Will there be such a report for ICH, or will we just have to combine the SIS reports with the ICH Web reports to get a combined settlement value?
Best Regards,
Replied by Ashley H on 2011-05-02 10:54:56
Dear Christina,

Regarding your question below, please see a reply posted in this same discussion board, under the post 'F3 Report/Combined Billings Report'.

Basically, for ICH reports, indication of invoice source either from SIS or non-SIS (e.g. from existing F12) will be provided from upgraded F1 Report and F1 Report from Debtors as presented to carriers at the ICHUG 2010 in Kuala Lumpur.


Please also refer to the ISPG Chapter 7.8/"Clearing House Reports" regarding the reports generated by the Clearing Houses and the facility of single sign on that will be implemented for ICH.


Hope this helps.

Kind regards


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