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Invoice related to SIS Usage

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Created by Florenta L (TAROM S.A.) on 2012-05-30 07:38:41 Back to Topics

Invoice related to SIS Usage

Hi IATA and SIS Team,


Regarding the IATA invoice issued for SIS usage i.e. DS & P and M transactions OCT11/ PER1-DEC11/ PER 04, we want to ask you the following issues:


- could you please advise the most operative way to check and/or which is the main IS WEB screen/ report that centralizes these transactions?


We consider this function is mandatory as we should access this information for further financial controlling purposes in order to approve/accept such charges also for the future invoices.


- could you please clarify us to what kind of transaction Line Item 6 with description "MISC (Digi Sign inv. sent) IS-XML”and product id 751002 refers to ?


However I tried to download the SIS Usage Report, from IS-WEB Reports and noticed this report seem not to be functional (including transactions up to MAY/PER 03). 

By this I also wish to notify that this screen differs from the Print Screen description existing in IS USER Guide (v2.0) or maybe we have not been aware of other updates in this respect. 


Hope you could understand what I wanted to say.


Thank you for your help and assistance related to this aspect.



Oana/ICH Unit RO


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