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Size ticket number from 1 to 11

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Created by Anna L (Siberia Airlines) on 2012-06-20 06:53:37 Back to Topics

Size ticket number from 1 to 11

Dear SIS, We have a problem with loading Inward invoices from one carrier due to 6 digit ticket number in coupon breakdown. General tendecy of error is in Billing Memo with reson Code 8O MIBA/BIBA. From SIS Team we received answer jn this question: The ticket number field can contain between 1-11 digits. So 6 digits as populated by carrier is not a problem. You will need to make the chance in yoru system to accept anything between 1 and 11 digits. -------------------------- Please tell us where we can read about it? Are there any rules? We would like to advise to our system developers to switch off this control. But for this purpose rules are necessary to us. Where we can read that ticket number can be from 1 to 11 digits?

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