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ISPA Legal Questions

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Created by Ann S (US Airways, Inc.) on 2011-09-28 20:04:01 Back to Topics

ISPA Legal Questions

Our legal department has the following qustions regarding the Participation Agreement:

a)       Could you please, point us to the provision in the agreement (or confirm external the agreement) that affirmatively states all airlines and other participants that sign the participation agreement have signed the same document without deviation or modification to such standard agreement?

b)       Could you please, denote which carriers Attachment G is applicable to (i.e. are United States carriers exempt from the provisions in Attachment G)?

c)       Could you please, explain how the service level credits play out (for the carriers) in the event of a service level failure on IATA’s behalf?

d)       Could you please, identify where the reciprocal of 10.1.2 is for IATA (in the agreement)?

e)       Could you please, identify where the reciprocal indemnification provision for 11.1 is for IATA?

f)         Could you please, explain who determines the service levels (i.e. who defines “showstopper” versus “major”)?

 Thank you,

Jo Ann Schotz

US Airways

Replied by Ashley H on 2011-09-29 10:58:59

Dear Jo Ann,


I have passed this on to our Legal team. You should be provided feedback on your questions in the next few days.


Kind regards,



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