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Downgrade IS-Format to Old IDEC-PAX

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Created by Ma Y (Accounting Centre of Chin) on 2010-07-27 22:13:36 Back to Topics

Downgrade IS-Format to Old IDEC-PAX

"The downgraded Old IDEC file will include only the Prime Billing information. Rejection Memo, Billing Memo, Credit Memo detail present in the IS-Format file will not be included in the OLD IDEC file."

In this scenario the Fully Migrated billing entity can include multiple transaction types within the same invoice. For. e.g. A billing carrier generates an IS-IDEC file containing an Invoice having 100 Coupons and 20 Stage 1 Rejections.

When such an Invoice is billed to a non-Migrated Billed Entity, what the invoice total will be in the downgraded invoice record? 

During the downgrading, is the value to be recalculated for the downgraded Prime items?
Replied by James S on 2010-07-28 05:15:55
No. The total records will not be recalculated. So, for example, if there are $100 of primes and $100 of rejections on the IS-IDEC, then the converted old IDEC file will have $100 of primes and a total of $200.
The ISPG will be more explicit about this in the future.

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