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Coupon Gross Fare value with VAT inclusive?

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Created by Sergio A (Air Europa) on 2011-08-31 11:50:50 Back to Topics

Coupon Gross Fare value with VAT inclusive?

My question is about the Coupon Gross Fare value, element 14 in the IS-IDEC PAX - Coupon Data Record. If the Coupon value is VAT inclusive, should I populate this field with the NET AMOUNT or VAT inclusive.
This question comes due the Coupon Total Amount, element 51 in the IS-IDEC that it must be the SUM of Elements (14 + 16 + 33 + 39 + 43 + 47 + 49)
Element 49 is VAT and if I populate the 14 with VAT inclusive then I will duplicate the VAT value, and if I populate the 14 with NET AMOUNT, then the element 39 (ISC AMOUNT) will be lower because 14 (NET) * %ISC is lower than 14 (GROSS).
In the IS-IDEC and IS-XML example is not clear.
Please could you clarify?

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