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IS Transaction Fee Ranges

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Created by Elias B (SWISS) on 2010-10-08 06:35:43 Back to Topics

IS Transaction Fee Ranges

Dear all,
I copy in an email previously sent to James as well as his reply - after that you will find my question:
Original question:

"We at Swiss International Air Lines are currently reviewing the SIS Airline Business Case and encountered the following question: On page 41 it is stated that Transaction Fees will be charged based on the total IS transaction fees paid in the previous year. Does this mean that every participant will belong to the $0 - $19’999 category in the first year, since no IS transaction fees will have been paid before?"

Reply by James:

"No. We'll estimate what category you should be in. LX would most definitely not be in the lowest category. The method is to be determined."

New question:

By when will the method be determined? We need to present a business case to management latest by end of this year. Thanks


Replied by James S on 2010-10-13 12:57:54
Hi, Elias --
I'll start by saying that my response which you quote was from June. What I'm about to write is the current plan, but is subject to change by the Steering Group, who is reviewing the charging methodology now as part of the entire agreement.
The proposal which is being reviewed is actually closer to your original assumption. You'll start out in the bottom category, but your category will be reevaluated quarterly.
If there is a significant difference between what you paid in that quarter and what you should have, then an adjustment will be made by SIS Ops.

Additional information

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