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Prorate ladder for passenger

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Created by Shankar S on 2010-08-03 11:34:48 Back to Topics

Prorate ladder for passenger

As per the cargo CGO - RM AWB Prorate Ladder Brk specific positions are assigned for currency of prorate calculation, From Sector, To Sector, proviso details, prorate factor, amount etc. Can we have a similar approach for passenger prorate slip record.

Replied by James S on 2010-08-10 18:31:57
The Pax WG specifically decided on using the free form prorate slip format (sfi 43) rather than the more structured approach (as used in cargo), as it would allow more flexibility, would be easier for carriers to implement, and did not add much value to be read by the system. So, if you're suggested a structured format similar to cargo -- I can take that as a change request but expect that it would be rejected by the Pax WG.
If you're suggesting that those specific fields you name (e.g proviso, etc) are added, then my response is that the prorate slip breakdown is flexible just for that reason -- and that you can add / request from partners whichever fields you need.

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