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Miscellaneous (Charge Code – Mail) – Start Date and End Date

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Created by Tobin G on 2012-06-06 03:05:01 Back to Topics

Miscellaneous (Charge Code – Mail) – Start Date and End Date

Dear All,

Ref - SIS P3 - IATA IS XML Invoice Standard - V3.2.xls (3.2.1 Release)

Charge Code – Mail

Line Item Node – Start Date, End Date

Line Item Details Node – Start Date, End Date

In case of mail, since the billing is for mails carried for the clearance period(for which the file is generated), what should be the Start Date and End Date, both at Line Item Node and Line Item Details Node.

Is it Ok if both the fields are left out in the XML file in the mail invoices? In such an event will the XML file fail sanity check or detail validation?

Thanks for the response in advance.




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