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Listing to Billing Rate

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Created by Mark Z (US Airways, Inc.) on 2011-09-02 15:59:16 Back to Topics

Listing to Billing Rate

It is our understanding that the "Listing/Evaluation to Billing Rate" is in Element 21 of the Invoice Header Record (SFI 10).
It is also our understanding that multiple source codes can be billed within one invoice. (I.e. SC01's and SC04's can be found within the same invoice.)
If this is correct, we are having trouble understanding which FDR will be populated in the header record.  Will the prime billing's FDR be what is in the Invoice Header?  And if so, will the rejects within this invoice be using the incorrect FDR?
Please advise ... Thanks!
Mark (US)
Replied by Ashley H on 2011-09-19 17:00:18

Dear Mark,


A Passenger invoice can have only one Listing Currency, one Billing Currency and hence one Listing to Billing Rate. The Listing to billing rate is specified in Element no.21 of Invoice Record (SFI 10). This rate is the published FDR for the month of billing which will be the same for converting the sum of all transactions amounts from Listing currency to Billing Currency.


The rejection memo amounts and prime coupons will be listed in currency of listing and the same exchange rate will be used to convert such amounts to currency of billing. If an incorrect exchange rate is used, the invoice will fail in IS Validation process.


Hope that clarifies.

Best regards


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