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Release 1.3 Deployment Scope Dcoument

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Created by Harry H (US Airways, Inc.) on 2013-03-25 11:12:27 Back to Topics

Release 1.3 Deployment Scope Dcoument

We need to clarify CMP (Change Manqagement Process) item 480.  The field type and record structure for Ticket/Doc/Fim number is not changing -- it is still 11 bytes right justified zero filled.  SIS is adding a validation that the field cannot be greater than ten digits.  Our question is that the field length is still eleven digits and since we zero fill it, in effect we would have eleven digits. Will the zero fill cause the record to fail validation (non correctable) taking into account the added SIS validation that the field cannot be greater than ten bytes even if the leading zero was just a filler. Will your validation look at the entire field of eleven bytes but ignore the leading zero?
Please let us know so we can make any adjustments at our end if necessary.
Harry Hughes

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