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DownLoad Invoices from SIS

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Created by Esteban R (LAN AIRLINES) on 2011-09-06 14:58:14 Back to Topics

DownLoad Invoices from SIS

 We need information about Inward process



How we can download invoices from SIS?

How is the development?

IATA, make files avaibles to download invoices?

We can download file and recording xml in my notebook?



Replied by Ashley H on 2011-09-07 11:10:47

Hi Esteban,


As I have already addressed this question by email, I am reposting this here for the benefits of other viewers on the forum:


There are two ways of downloading invoices from SIS:


(1)  Via IS-Web

If you choose this process it is as you had mentioned below – you will need to log into IS-Web and download the XML files to be processed through your internal revenue accounting system.


(2)  Via iiNET

This option allows the files to be automatically downloaded and placed on your designated FTP server. In addition, you may also use the iiNET online interface, which allows you to retrieve manually the files sent to you from SIS.


In order to set up the iiNET connection, please refer to the info provided in Annex 2 of the Sign-Up and Certification Guide. Please contact iiNET care ( for information on how to set up and costs associated with a new set-up.


Best regards,



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