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Ordering of IS IDEC Records

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Created by Lance L on 2010-09-20 09:59:03 Back to Topics

Ordering of IS IDEC Records

Are the records on the new IS IDEC to be ordered in the same sequence that they are listed on tab "List of SFIs" from the PAX IS IDEC Record Structure V2.1.xls spreadsheet?  If not, please confirm the sequencing we should use when creating the PAX IDEC.
Replied by James S on 2010-09-23 05:04:56
The table is more of a reference of the various SFIs, and not the order.
Please see section 1.1 of the Pax PDF for a diagram that describes the order. While similar, there are some small differences. For example, the you would provide the invoice header record, then the reference records, then a group of coupon records, then the source code total record, then a group of rejections, then the source code total. The table in the excel doesn't make it clear that the source code total comes at the end of a group of an individual source code.
Also note that the diagram shows a group of "Rejections", and a source code total record after this group. In reality, you might have 3 separate gorups of rejections, with separate source code total records (source codes 4,5,6).
A clarification will be added to the next release of the ISPG.

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