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Please explain the relation between Reason Code and IS-Rejection flag

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Created by Ma Y (Accounting Centre of Chin) on 2010-08-30 05:34:17 Back to Topics

Please explain the relation between Reason Code and IS-Rejection flag

       Would you please give me a comprehensive description on IS-Rejection flag? We understand according to ISPG3.8, it only do validation on Reason Code under Valuation Error. When raising the RM with the Reason Code under non-Valuation Error, this validation is ignored. Moreover, we eager to know the difference between the Reason code with the sign ‘Single’ and the sign ‘bulk’.

Replied by James S on 2010-09-01 09:30:44
You might want to review this discussion first. It's not all relevant, but might give you some more understanding.
This flag isn't so much for validation, but to assist and standardize the process of identifying valuation errors. And since it works by looking at the rejection amounts, it can only work on valuation errors and thus you're right -- you wouldn't use it for non-valuation errors.
What do you mean the "sign single"? Is this part of the record structure? Or are you talking about the table? If the table, then it's related to what I explained above. You can only use 1A for single rejections (ie, ones where there is a single breakdown), but you'd use 1B - 1I for bulk rejections (rejections with more than 1 breakdown).
Hope that helps.

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